Terms of Service

The hereunder document outlines the rules and regulations all Muslim Plus users agree to by accessing Muslim Plus or any related service. There are no exception to these rules and failure to abide by all of them may result in termination of service offering without prior notice. This also serves as a legal contract between the user and ASN GROUP LLC, governed under United States Federal Law, and New Jersey State Law.

Muslim Plus provides a mobile app service that is provided AS-IS. Muslim Plus makes no warranties on the product and its long term support. Several aspects of the offering are aggregations of data across various data providers. Such providers include but are not limited to Foursquare, AlQuran, Alahdan, and others. Muslim Plus abides by all respective vendor policies but cannot guarantee validity of this information. This info is provided as is without any merit.

Muslim Plus collects certain data to improve the experience of a user's overall experience. You hereby agree to the access of your location, network environment data, consent to send mobile and telecom notifications, sync contacts, share device and OS data, amongst other information. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we store and use your information to provide a better experience under applicable law.

Muslim Plus is an offering operated by ASN GROUP LLC. You hereby agree to never file suit or legal issue with ASN GROUP or its affiliates as a result of action relating to the Muslim Plus offering. Furthermore, you hereby agree that if any arbitration is needed, the other party will bare the entire cost of the process and it shall be held in the jurisdiction chosen by the operant - ASN GROUP LLC Officers.

Muslim Plus offers a Premium option to it's software service offering. There are two forms of the Premium offering - single payment or recurring sub subscription. Payment will be charged to your Apple iTunes account for both methods. No refunds will be issued for any given reason whatsoever. Recurring billing is fully managed under Apple Inc. policies. As a customer, you will be billed for the next pay period 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.

This policy is subject to change at any given point in the future without any notice.

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